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February 28, 2006

All Change!

Wow, well the last few days have certainly been rather 'action packed'.

Firstly the main news, As of Sunday late afternoon I no longer work for Whistler Blackcomb Ski School! Due to a bit of a disagreement over a few issues I left - effective immediatly ;o)
Bit of a shock to start with but in retrospect I'm very happy, certainly alot better jobs out there.

Spent yesterday (Monday) wondering what to do, where I would like to get a job and generally thinking 'wow, I'm unemployed'.

Today (Tuesday) I went with SK to the shop where she works (her having previously mentioned I was looking for work) - the conversation with Matt (one of the senior guys) went something like:

SK: Hi Matt is one of the Managers in?
Matt: Hey SK, Oh does your boyfriend want a job?
SK: Erm, yeah, thats what I was going to ask the managers about...
Matt: (To Me) Hey, You want to start tomorrow?
Ed: Erm, yeah, ok...

So with that I start 2 days of training tomorrow at 7am. :o)

Further more the local (and the best) pizza parlor are looking for staff to work 3-4 evenings (5-10pm) a week, so you can board each day, then work each evening and get free pizza. Will have to see how the other job works out first :o)

The only disadvantage to this new found employment nivana is I have to buy my own season pass to get back on the hill. Its a fair amount of money but there are stil enough days left in the season to get my moneys worth - especially as I'll now be able to get up 5 days a week...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In other news:

The snow has returned
The artic temperatures have been replaced with storm clouds. 54cm of snow over the past few days have left the hills looking alot better for it. I went up on Sunday and got fresh powder runs down some of the best runs Whistler has to offer. After a few hours everything was a little churned up so I hit the park (with its new soft landings) to work on my tricks - which incidently are going quite well :o)

Showcase Showdown Pipestle Contest
Saturday night saw the 'Showcase Showdown' at the Blackcomb superpipe. Not just a half-pipe contest as it combines jumps, boxes, rails and tombstones along the edge and at the end of the pipe. The competitors were competing for $25'000 in cash prizes and other goodies from the sponsors.
Although the skills weren't quite up to Shaun Whites' standards (Olympic champion if you didn't know) it was still very impressive.
I took some photos and some video which I will upload once I've sorted them out and had a play :o)

SKs Friends
For the past 3 days we've been joined by 2 of SKs friends from university who were on a 4 week 'adventure' of the west coast of Canada and the US. They had a good few days here skiing on the hill and generally enjoying the scene.

Anyway, more news as it happens :o)

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February 23, 2006

Fresh Tracks

SK and I did fresh tracks yesterday morning (me for the first time), We got the lift up at 7:15 and as there was no snow took the oppourtunity to stuff ourselves stupid with food and generally relax. The conditions outside were pretty torrid with high winds and freezing tempreatures so we chilled out inside the restuarant untill about 9:15.
I snowboarded with SK untill she went to work at 12, then met with Ben, Toddy and Kitty (his friend from the UK and his girlfriend). We messed around in the park and on the piste for a few more hours before heading home.

A lazy evening and an early night has been met with some fresh snow on the hill (1cm - don't joke its the most we've had since the start of February). We're going to have a lazy morning then crawl onto the hill for about 10am.

Not much else to report, physio is still on-going, work is OK and more snow is forecast...

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February 19, 2006

To Board or not to Board....

Today I'm on a split shift, I worked 7:45-9:30 and I'm set to work 5-9pm this evening.
Normally I'd have taken my snowboard to work and run out of the door at 9:31 and hit the hill.

However I'm not sure I have the energy, it's still very icy, my edges are blunt (to much park :s) and its really busy due to American Presidents week. I think I'm going to spend the day inside, catch up on some sleep :)

Weather is set to change, -40*c on friday/saturday is slowly giving way to warmer tempreatures (-8*c today) and even snow (forecast for Tuesday onwards)! At last!

Not much else to report, but here's a picture of Ben looking... special

More drivel as it falls from the primordial soup.

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February 15, 2006


The clear skies and sunshine have continued are are set to continue well into the weekend. One change however - it's damn cold. About -15*c before windchill, its the kind of cold which gives you a headache.

Here is a live picture of the tempreatures:

Not much else to report, Snowboard skills are slowly improving, jumps and rails are getting easier and I can now do 180* spins. Time to try for that 360*, also the Halfpipe is starting to look inviting...

Today me and SK are hitting the hill for a few hours, going to wrap up warm.
Tomorrow I'm working but on friday there is a small horde of Ski School Sales plebs 'hitting the hill', should be carnage.

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February 10, 2006

What's better than Snowboarding?

Didn't know whether to make a new post, or edit the old, so I did both.

So me and SK had our Dustys breakfast and hit the hill, we didn't get to the park or the trees but instead stayed on the groomers and cruised down pistes and bowls all day.

Some more photos of today and the sunshine are in the 'Paddys Back' folder in the gallery - same warning applies (possibly more so this time).

At about 2:30 we went to the Roundhouse to meet with Ben and Wade for some beer. 1 Jug later it was time for home and this brings us to todays Title - Whats better than snowboarding? Snowboarding under the influence of Whistlers finest mountain ale. Especially whilst trying to negotiate mogal fields, ice fields or a combination of the two.

Some seriously sketchy snowboarding later (but no falls) we arrived at the base of the mountain in one piece (giggling like school girls) and quickly got the bus home.

Tonight the cupboard is bare so we might join Ben and his mates for some more beer and some food at Dustys.

Tomorrow I have physio in the morning and work in the evening, might go boarding in the afternoon - we'll have to see how the knee feels.

Just a final point I forgot to mention, this week was Gay Week in Whistler. Everything has been 'thooper'.

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Park Monkeys

So with the lack of fresh snow but with the skies still clear and sunny we have been hitting the park.

Rails, boxes, jumps and spines have all been hit at ever increasing speed and with slightly more daring and convidence each time.

Spins while in the air still elude me (pretty sure I could do a 180*) so I've been working on grabs. I can do an 'Indy Air' (grab front of board inbetween bindings with back hand) quite well and I've been trying a tail grab, unsure if this is the right order to progress but it feel retty good :o)

We've got some video of our various antics so I might put together a small montage of our epics.

We took some photos of our expedition yesterday around both mountains, these can be seen in the photo album - "Paddys Back". However I recommend not looking at them if your job/life revolves around sitting in an office cubicle and cummuting hours to work somewhere through a concrete jungle... you have been warned!

Anyway, in other news SK bought a new board, a K2 Mix. She felt her current board was a little stiff and wanted something with a bit of flex for the park, after demoing a couple she got this one for cheap though work.
The artwork is pretty cool - 'Andy Warhol' meets 'Desperate Housewives' I think.

Ben also bought a new board, a K2 Titan. He's demoed countless boards trying to find the right 'do everything and anything' mix and eventually found it. The artwork might give small children nightmares, but it's still cool :o)


Today Ben and a old friend from work have hit the hill they (Bens friend) wants to do some double blacks... so Ben has followed. Should be interesting.

SK and I are about to go for a Dustys breakfast and then hit the park again - although I'd quite like to do some tree runs... we'll see what happens.

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February 07, 2006


Today is my friday, I've worked for the past 4 days and the resort has been deadly quiet for each of them.

Knee is feeling ok after my riding session last week, I fell down the stairs on the way to work yesterday morning and tweaked it again so I'm going easy on it for the moment.

Weather in Whistler is glorious, clear skies and sun forcast for the next 4 days - the reflective goggles are being brought from the cupboard. Tomorrow SK and I are planning on doing 'fresh-tracks, not much fresh snow is forecast but it'll be first time I'll have done it so I'm still pretty stoked.

Ben and I are working today while SK is enjoying the hill with some workmates, I think they are hitting the park today, should be fun :o)

Anyway, I'm bored and haven't got too much to say, hope everyone is enjoying life wherever they are.

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February 02, 2006

Guess Who' Back....

Sorry for the lack of updates but as you'll find out I've been a little busy.

Firstly, I'm back snowboarding! I spent an hour in the hot tub stretching and finally got my knee 'straight' so decided that having missed 32 days allready the time was right to get back on a board.

Work have also changed/cut down my hours so as I can now get on the hill for 5 days a week, I felt I should get out an enjoy it.

I spent 2 hours yesterday before another massage appointment and 3 hours today before another physio appintment; on the hill reaquainting myself with all things cold and powdery. The hill(s) are in amazing condition due to the huge amounts of snow.
Yesterday it was announced January broke records, 469cm (185") of snowfall in 1 month! the most in any single month since records began - and I missed it all.. typical :o)

Anyway, back now and enjoying every minute :o)

This morning myself and SK went to Dusty's Backside - ignore the name for now - We both had the fried breakfasts and were on the hill fully charged on grease and carbohydrates by 9am. We did a few runs on the fresh powder taking some jumps/drops and weaving in and out of the trees.
At 10am we met up with Ben and various other work mates, 2 hours of powders runs down bowls and chutes followed before I had to go. Ben continued and went to do 'Flute Bowl' - a (near) backcountry bowl famous for its huge powder fields. He returned extolling its virtues and explaining how to gain entry you have to drop a 10ft cornice about the bowl - sufice to say Ben stacked it, landing on his ass/face/stomach (he's not sure) :o)

As I mentioned earlier I had more massage yesterday - again done eu naturelle ;o) - Its a heck of alot less painfull the second time round! Post session I was again as close to 0* as I thought possible.

Today post snowboarding I went to the hot-tub for an hour of soaking and stretching before physio. I arrived at physio to find out my lovely knee was infact at 1* !! Somewhat of an improvement!!
Karina started to play around with doing her normal twists and turns and mapipulations when all of a sudden there was an enormous *crack* from my knee joint.

Mild panic ensued in my head but I was told my tiba was re-aligning itself and considering there was no-longer any pain when I moved my leg I was rather happy :o)

We took some pictures of the various antics, SK has them on her site and I'll add them to mine shortly.
Tomorrow I think blackcomb is calling so more crusing, more jumps and possibly back into the terrain park...

Will keep you posted with the drivel :o)

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