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October 30, 2005

Dum de Dum

Not much to report, as not much has happened.

Ben had his wisdom teeth out yesterday morning, they were shallow and had all erupted so he hasn't had any problems. So little in fact he's allready back at work, git :o(

The snow has started to fall again on the mountains with avengance, forcast says snow at Village level by the end of the week with tempreatures averaging -3*c

Whistler Mountain Webcams - view in IE

Going to the climbing wall again today, need to burn off some energy.

Halloween tomorrow, its a very big thing in Canada with loads of things going on. Bens going to a party with his work mates, so Myself and SK might wonder to town to one of the bars which have parties on - all fancy dress of course :o)

More news when it happens, but heres a picture of a Whistler Local wondering past my future work place...

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October 26, 2005

Aches and Pains all round

Well I am writing this on my new laptop, it arrived yesterday and following a few hours of hurried installing it's now all up and running.
I am quite pleased, good spec and looks nice. I have a few geeky technical plans instore for it, but we will have to see how they go.

Went to the climbing wall yesterday with SK to make further use of the extortionate membership fee. Decided the 45* overhanging bouldering wall was a little steep, so instead I did laps on the lead wall with the auto-belay devices they have. Was a complete wreak after 2 hours and countless accents so escaped to the sancturary of the pub with SK for Beer, Ribs and a Burger. :o)

Ben went to the dentist yesterday morning with a slight toothache, he thought it was a filing which had come loose. The dentist however says its his wisdom teeth, and all 4 need to be removed as soon as possible, so quick infact he has an appointment this saturday morning!

Whistler is slowly filling up, lots of people (mainly austrailians) arriving for the job fair. Intrawest (the mountain owners) interview about 2000 people this week - It's certainly a good feeling to have a job sorted allready.

Anyway, enough ramblings for now. Weather is still comparably warm, but the clouds and rain are on there way again :o)

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October 24, 2005


Went drinking last night with Bens work mates to an "Open Mic Night" at a local bar, great fun and the guys/gals who were brave enough to step up and sing/play were pretty good. Hangover hurts though.

Also joined the climbing wall, decided on a 1 month pre-paid membership as I think when the snow comes I'm going to be too busy to climb. The wall is pretty small but there is a good variety of climbs, everything is overhanging though, which means its a little bit harder for twigglett arms here. Oh well, at least it might get me stronger.

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October 23, 2005

More Twiddling

and so the waiting continues...

Finished "Desperate Housewives", ending wasn't fantastic I didn't think, certainly left it wide open for a second series (which I started to watch 10 minutes later).
I'd give the series 7/10 - enjoyable but didn't have suspense of 24 (maybe I'm being too harsh as they're meant to be completely different things).

Somebody asked me a few days ago which Housewife I thought they were - my answer "neither" but if pushed "Lynette".

Going to go for a wonder around the valley trail this afternoon, and probably start watching series 1 of "Lost" this evening, does the fun never stop...

Ben is continuing his training - he's spending the day learning everything there is to know about Guest Relations, and the evening round some of his work mates house in their hot tub drinking beer :)

Just looked at the pictures from the climbing club freshers party - looked like a chaotic night :)

Anyway its time I went for a walk, better get my coat - its started to rain again...

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October 20, 2005

Twiddles Fingers...

So more waiting, the weather has warmed up and alot of the early snow which was edging down the mountains has now gone. Still some on the peaks and with the tempreatures still "below average" hopes are still high for a good season.

I formally accepted my "Ski and Snowboard School Sales Host" job this afternoon. The job starts on the 14th November so I've still got some time to waste.

Today SK had 2 job interviews, and from them 2 job offers. She has accepted a job in the really cool/relaxed shop I mentioned in a earlier post. She gets awesome discounts and rental deals, as well as being able to dress really casually - quite an amazing deal :o)

Ben has started/is continuing his training for his "Guest Relations Host" job - today was being taught how to use the computers, and from his explainations it was a slow and painfully drawn-out experience... hehehe ;o)
He has also bought a classical guitar which should arrive within the next week; so he will be able to serenade us all... (help!)

Few random things we've had during our job search:
- Most random question on a job application form:
"Tell us the funniest thing that has happened to you in the work place"
- Random interview questions:
"Tell me something funny"
"So tell me about your computer skil... glaces at resume, sees computer science degree .. oh"

Finally something to tax your brains:
In SK's first interview today the interviewer brought his dog along - it was a Chiwawa / German Shepherd cross. Right, just have a think about that for a second, just condsider the physics of what happened when the to be parents met. I can't really get my head around it.

Anyway, tonight I finish Deperate Housewives series 1 (again stop smirking). I'll give a review in my next post.

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October 18, 2005

Sunshine !

Thats right, today its clear, warm and sunny !

It's also Mr Nuggles Birthday, so we all went out for a celebration lunch and beer at the local pub. All quite nice :o)

Other News in Brief:

The builders (who have been renovating the house above ours for the past few months) have today given us a posh new front door and some replacement windows.

I've ordered an Acer Laptop from America.

I've started watching "Desperate Housewives" (stop smirking :op ) which SK has bought on DVD - I'll let you now how it goes...

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October 16, 2005

More Rain...

Well its been a while since my last installment, no real excuse, I just haven't got round to it.

I've been offered the "Ski School" job I applied for. I start in Mid-Novemeber at Blackcomb Base working in the "Kids Ski School". Hmmm, the idea of working with over-protective parents and brattish kids hasn't enthused me greatly so I am still hunting before formally accepting the job :o)

Had an "1st stage inteview" at a Shop today (5 min chat with manager in office). The shop is has a really relaxed atmosphere which is nice, a free ski pass is also offered as well as stupidly cheap gear :o)
My "2nd stage interview" is next friday - in a local cafe - so fingers crossed...

"Uncle Chris" dropped a sofa/futon and a TV round yesterday which was really cool. Currently lounging watching the "extreme sports channel" on the free cable (legally this time) We're just learning how to do 1080* and back flips in time for the slopes to open...

I've managed to get a credit card from the bank so we've been able to order things from the internet.
I've chosen my laptop so I'll order that in a couple of days.

Other news in brief:
Its still raining - 2" in 2 days
Its getting colder - -2*c at night now and falling
Reading lots - 2 Dan Brown books in 3 days, Ignoring Tolkien for as long as possible
The snow is getting lower and lower on the mountains - about 1/2 way now
Looked at the climbing wall - If I go >20 times in 3 months its cheaper than Notts Climbing wall, might have to sign up for that.

Hope all is well in the "proper" world - hows freshers flu ;o)

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October 11, 2005

Gluttony and Quiet Time

Sunday we had an enormous Turkey dinner with "Uncle Chris" and his family. Massive amounts of food including stuffing, carrots, mash, sprouts (with and without a spicy sauce) and of course a turkey which looked large enough to sink a ship.

We were all quite full buy the end of that :)

Just got back from another interview - this time for "Ski & Snowboard School Host". Job sounds cool, quite varied and they encourage you to get out on the mountain and Ski - "So you can inform the guest better from first hand experience" - I'm hapy with that :)
Interview went better than the last, but it ended on a nasty question, I find out in a few days if I've got the job.

The Summer Season ended yesterday with the bike park closing. Today the diggers were out returning all the berms and jumps back to a flat piste. The crowds haven't started arriving for the main job fair at the end of the month but its only a matter of time :)

Weather is a little warmer today, but the forcast is for lots of rain.

Roll on Mid-November...

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October 08, 2005

Thanksgiving & "The Turkey Sale"

Greetings to all you hard working people in the UK... (stifles sniggering)

Anyway on Monday its Thanksgiving holiday so this weekend the annual "Turkey Sale" (no prizes for the name) is being held in Whistler.
Its basically a giant pre-season sale where the resort (and most of the shops in the village) put massive discounts on their stock and try to shift all their old kit (and some of the new 06 stuff as well).

We joined the queue at 8:30 (ready for the 9am doors) and were in time to be given one of 50 discount vouchers worth $5 or if it was one of the "lucky ones" $50-$100.

I wondered the halls and found some good deals.
A Helmet (Protec B2-snow) for $60 and a Thermal Base layer for $20,
Wondered to the till and found out my discount voucher was one of the lucky $50 ones - result :)

Went to a store in the village and bought 2 pairs of goggles (Spy Soldiers - with Orange and Reflective lenses respectivley) for $190. Another monster bargin :)

Tomorrow "Uncle Chris" has invited us to his house for thanksgiving lunch - looking forward to it :) should be nice

With the public holiday on Monday job hunting is postponed until Tuesday. Seen a couple of places to hand my resume to - and there is still loads of time :)

Anyway, enough utter mindless drivel for now

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October 06, 2005

Bugger :(

Not posted for a little while, been too busy with job applications and interviews.

Had the final stage interview for "Guest Relations Host" yesterday didn't go too well at the time and I've just found out I didn't get the job. A bit annoying as it was quite a cool deal - long hours, but good money and fair amounts of time off.

Nevermind, Ben managed to get the job though which is cool. SK is currently at her final stage interview for "Ski & Snowboard School Sales Host".

Not quite back to square one but I need to get back to the admin building and start the application process again - which is an arse.

Posted some photos in my album. A panorama of Vancouver, some shots of our flat and a few pictures from around Whistler Village.

Better go

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October 02, 2005

Wake me up, when September ends...

As you can gather from the horrendus post title, not *that* much has happened recently.

I'm currently in the process of buying a laptop, a few issues with the Visa card, but hopefully a phone call on Monday can sort those. Its rather odd dealing with businesses in a country so big, due to the time zones involved the company on the east coast, me on the west, they are open from 5am-2pm local time to me :) - adds a layer of complication :s

Had my first job interview yesterday. It was with "Intrawest" - the big corporation who own most of the mountain operations here. It was only "stage 1" (general behavioural check) but I passed, and so I must ring back tomorrow and organise my next interview. There are only two or three stages so I may have employment rather soon.
Things are made a little complicated in that (a) I've been put down for a job that I didn't apply for and (b) its the same job Ben and Sophie have applied for :s
"Guest Relations Host" is the job in question, its a fancy way of saying "customer service bloke", who answers all questions people have about any aspect of the holiday. I wanted to be the "Ski Pass Admin assistant", but we'll see what happens.

Finally a few more observations from Canada - more things which make you realise the UK is actually quite a nice place to live.
1 - The Post Office / Post being delivered to your door.
Over here (if your lucky) you get a mail box at the entrance to your estate. If your not lucky you must hire a box in the post office for 5GBP a month and collect your post from there.
2 - Bank Account / Free use and interest
Over here you are charged to use your account - either a monthly fee of about 3GBP or about 25 pence for ANY withdrawl from your account (that includes cash machines and using it in a store).
Also interests rates don't exist. 0% on anything under $10'000, and about 0.1% on anythin over that. "Savings accounts" have an APR of about 1.5%. Laaaaame :)
3 - Supermarkets don't sell alcohol
3b - Off-Licences don't open on a Sunday. So no chance of getting some beer for your sunday evening meal.. grrrrr :o(
4 - No Decent Bacon or Cheap Cheese, says it all really

Anyway, I don't want to make it sound like I'm hope sick, because snow is forecast for next week !

Good to hear freshers week went ok for those people in Nottingham

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