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September 29, 2005

And so the rain came...

So another day in paradise. Well a slightly damp paradise, the rain started at about midday, and has now been falling for 12 hours. This is set to continue for about the next 6 months, however about mid November it turns to Snow. Gonna be a damp/long 6 weeks...

Anyhoo, Today myself and SK wondered to the "Re-use it" centre (think Oxfam) to buy things for the house. Bought loads of stuff (far too much to list) so at least now we can cook and eat with relative ease.
Mr Nuggles spent the day riding on the hill and from all reports destroying the locals who were rather timid in the damp conditions - guess living in Wales has at least one plus point ;)

Job hunting began as well, handed 1 resume to a Restaurant - probably have to wait about 3 weeks before they get back to us, so tomorrow is going to be spent trying to find something a little more immediate.

Finnaly, (in lieu of the fact we've been to the supermarket every evening for the past 3 days) here are a few observations of Whistler/Candian food:
1 - Food is damn expensive
2 - Cheese is so expensive it will make you cry (its about 2/3x dearer)
3 - Bacon is crap, really crap, Imagine *really* fatty streaky bacon, and your about right
4 - Chicken tastes strange, very artifical and rubbery
5 - Bread isn't that cheap, 50p for the cheap supermarket own brand

One final point to end on: Microwave/Combi convection ovens are kinda rubbish, they're convienient but noisy - and confusing when it requires the tempreature to be key'd in Farenheit

Hope the UK is as wonderfull as ever - Good luck to those people in Nottingham with the Freshers (we want the stories)

Anyway, enough ramblings - I'll try and get some pictures of our house online in the next few days

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September 27, 2005

Whistler Tales (2)

Well things have moved a little quickly since my last post.

That "other unfurnished house" we were looking at in the afternoon turned out to be quite nice, so nice infact we've allready moved in :)

2 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen/Diner living room in a wooden "condo" style building on a small (rather posh) estate - "Alfa Lake Village" for people who want to know. Its 10 mins walk from Whistler Creekside and some of the ski lifts up Whistler mountain, 10 mins on the bus from Whistler Village itself and costs 466CND (233GBP) a month each inc water+elec.

So nice appartment, 10 mins from the worlds premier ski resort, for less than our student house in ghetto land Nottingham... hehe

Just don't ask how we've got internet ;)

Dinner this evening was at a local pub - 4 of us got absolutley stuffed on Ribs/Chicken Wings/Burgers and a pint of beer for 6.50GBP :)

We saw the first bear in the village this evening, running scaed from the bear police and their starting pistols :)

Tomorrow SKs Godfathers brother in Law (yes its a tenuous relation) who lives just up the road (and has been helping us find houses/jobs) is taking us to the Canadaian equivalent of a charity shop to buy stuff for the house - as I said before, it's completely unfurnished. Although our landlord has mentioned a spare leather sofa... :)

Mr Nuggles and Ms SK are currently asleep and this is getting far too waffly for my own good - so goodnight.

T-minus 6 weeks till the snow...

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September 25, 2005

Whistler Tales

Net time expensive - bullet point style will be used:

Bought Snowboard (Nitro Atlas), Boots (Burton CustomX) and Bindings (Burton Misson 06) in Vancouver for 466GBP (board-bag was free) - quite a good deal

Now In Whistler
Weather Good - cool, clear and sunny
Staying on Chris' Floor untill Friday - not 100% what we're doing after that...
Looking for a house - seen 1 place, very nice - Seeing another this afternoon - but its unfurnished... arse
Going to go job hunting tomorrow - looks like Restaurant work... :s

Bike trails Close next week (Oct 10th)
Then people start to arrive for the job fair mid Oct - going to get mad

Snow arrives Mid Novemeber :)

Cya Later


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September 23, 2005

Wooooo !!!!

Just a quick message to say...


ner :p

p.s. Net access in Whistler isn't great - might not be updating much...

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September 20, 2005

1st Day

So first day in vancouver nearly done (its 5pm now)

left the hostel at about 9 and caught the bus south over the bridge, walked around looking at the various snowboard shops seeing what deals there were on kit. Some good stuff, although we'restill not sure what to buy. Tomorrow we head North to "North Vancouver" to see some shops there.

A 4km walk to the "Mountain Equipment Co-op" store revealed that they didn't stock snow gear... but did have some reasonably good value outdoor stuff.

Lunch was Japanese Sushi which was very nice, and the afternoon has been spent killing time on the internet looking at more snowboarding deals.

Weather has been good, eating well, hostel is really nice :)

More info when I can

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September 17, 2005

And I'm leaving on a Jet Plane....

So this blog has been ritualy ignored for rather a while but I hope to at least use it a little while I'm away.

So following a summer of concreting and general masonry/painting based DIY I am finaly off.

Myself and Mr Nuggles are at my house and are packed and ready for our 1225 flight to Vancouver tomorrow to begin our (near) year abroad snowboarding and generally lounging :)

Anyway, I need sleep as tomorrow will be a very long day. I will try and use this blog as a news port instead of e-mail. So "watch this space"

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